Vampire Clay

Sôichi Umezawa

2017 | 81 min | Japan | Japanese | Horror 

Vampire Clay Laurels.jpg


A creature/horror movie about a group of art prep school students attacked by a cursed clay monster.

An art prep school in the country. Kaori Hidaka, a transfer student from Tokyo finds a dried up clay in the storage and use them to create the clay sculpture. However, the clay was a cursed clay that carries a deep grudge of a sculptor who died tragically at his workshop. The cursed clay “Kakame” starts to suck up the students one by one and turns into a monster…

  • A remarkably beautiful film.
    Film Comment
  • Playful, Dirty, Edgy, Wondrous.
  • Not only bold, but intelligent and inventive.
  • As fluid and light as the heroes that are transfomed before us.







Kyoka Takeda

Momoka Sugimoto

Yuyu Makihara

Asuka Kurosawa