Dir. Christophe Honoré

2014 | 102 min | France | French | Fantasy

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When Europa skips class and meets a magnetic young man named Jupiter, she embarks on an unexpected and magical journey. Traveling on board Jupiter’s eight-wheel truck, they arrive in a mythical land inhabited by powerful gods who can transform humans into plants or animals in the blink of an eye. Europa watches, listens, and plays in their immortal home, becoming acquainted with Jupiter’s friends, Bacchus and Orpheus. As the confrontation between seductive, yet vengeful gods and innocent mortals unfolds, Europa grasps a greater sense of life and love in this revelatory modern-day retelling of Ovid’s Metamorphoses.

  • A remarkably beautiful film.
    Film Comment
  • Playful, Dirty, Edgy, Wondrous.
  • Not only bold, but intelligent & inventive.
  • As fluid and light as the heroes that are transfomed before us.