Dir. Mark Webber

2017 | 88 min | USA | English | Drama

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Director Mark Webber boldly explores family dynamics using his real-life family as the cast and true-life situations for a story that blurs the line between documentary and narrative filmmaking. Breaking from traditional film genres Mark plows deep beneath the roots of his family tree whose every branch is not only broken but seemingly unrepairable.

  • Quietly searing... Webber harnesses the natural dynamics of offscreen bonds, however strong or frayed they may be.
    Hollywood Reporter
  • Commingling elements of fiction and documentary is the trickiest kind of creative alchemy — a challenge Flesh and Blood rises to with results that are consistently interesting.
  • Completely unique and quiet, yet powerful family drama... A damn fine film... Creativity at this level deserves to be rewarded.
  • All along, we follow Webber’s engaging performance, always captivated by the deep thought process within. Flesh and blood, along with sweat and tears, a powerful movie can make.
    Hammer To Nail
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